Transitioning to a Nursing Home


Transitioning to a Nursing Home

If an older loved one is having trouble living at home, moving into a nursing home may be the best choice for the whole family. While most seniors hope to live out their lives in their own homes, mobility issues, health problems and outside forces often make that near impossible. If you are worried about an aging parent, grandparent or older loved one living at home, it may be time to call a family meeting and discuss the possibility of transitioning into an assisted care situation. Moving into a nursing home can be stressful situation for seniors, especially men and women who have been independent all their lives.

Here are a few things you need to do to make your elders feel comfortable with the move.

Gather information

There are several options of nursing facilities that will be available. Gather information about all of them and sit with your elders to choose which one would suit their need better. Each facility will have its own regulations and you need to ask about restrictions on residents in terms of timings and movement.

Check for certification of the facility

The first thing you need to check before proceeding to examine a facility is its certifications. Check if they have registered nurses, doctors and specialists on call. The centre should also have a medical centre that can handle first aid and first responder emergencies. A respiratory centre is most important with oxygen lines to all rooms and medical beds.

Speak to the Nursing Home staff

Nursing staff are whom you should make friends with first. They can make the transition easier and help in introducing you to new friends. Stay in touch with nurses who take care of your elders to get quick and detailed updates on their health.

Pack your personal items

Having a few personal items can make the transition to a nursing home easier and less stressful, so pack carefully and pay close attention to the instructions of the management team at the facility. Be sure to pack up your loved one’s favourite clothes, personal hygiene and other allowed items.

Consider the food options

Food is big consideration. Ask for menu’s and food options that will be made available as per their dietary requirements. Check if there is an in-house nutritionist so that despite the medical condition there will be someone taking care of what the meals.

Check for maintenance

Check if the rooms, restrooms, kitchen facilities, hallways and even ventilation systems are maintained. These are extremely important for the health of senior citizens, and they would feel more comfortable knowing that they are in a well-maintained facility.

The transition from independent living to nursing home care can be challenging, but nursing homes offer many amenities that can make it easier, and friendly staff that will help you and your loved one along the way.